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If you have a Last.FM account, RompЯ will scrobble tracks to it and allow you to Love and add tags to tracks. If you use Mopidy-Spotify you will also be able to use your scrobbles to generate radio stations like the old Last.FM Mix radio.

Open the Configuration panel and go to the Last.FM section

Enter your Last.FM username and click Login, then follow the on-screen instructions.

You can enable Scrobbling from here, and set the percentage of a track that has to be played before RompЯ will scrobble it. This cannot be set lower than 50%, due to Last.FM rules.

Note that if you run RompЯ on a device such as a phone, you should read this

You can use Last.FM to auto-correct artist names on tracks that are playing if you like. This helps ensure more consistent scrobbles.

There are a few options that allow you to use Scrobbles to synchronise your Playcounts when you play music on various devices. These are described under Keeping Playcounts In Sync

If you enter some text into ‘Tag Loved Tracks With’, then when you click the ‘Love’ button for a track that tag will automatically be added to it.

The other two options are described in more detail under The Info Panel