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How To Install RompЯ

To run RompЯ you will need to install a few things on your system, and there are many many ways to do it. Here I’m going to explain a few of the options and choices you have, along with some reccomendations.

First, You Need A Player

RompЯ doesn’t play any music itself. You need a player (or multiple players) to do that. You have a choice of player:

MPD - The Music Player Daemon

The original Music Player Daemon has been around for ages, is rock-solid and fast. It plays local music, internet radio, and works great with RompЯ’s podcast engine too. It can also be made to play from some online sources, but Mopidy usually does a better job of that. On Linux there is always a package available to install it. On macOS it is available through Homebrew.

You need to change one thing in your mpd configuration for it to work well with RompЯ

Somewhere in mpd.conf

connection_timeout     "120"

Mopidy - The All-Rounder

Mopidy is similar to MPD. It does everything MPD does, but it also plays music from many online sources including Spotify and SoundCloud. I like Mopidy and I use it a lot, and a lot of RompЯ’s Music Discovery features rely on Spotify support. But Mopidy isn’t very well maintained any more and it has more bugs than MPD.

In mopidy.conf, your mpd section needs to contain

connection_timeout = 120

Also you probably should read RompЯ And Mopidy

Next, You Need To Install RompЯ Somewhere

Download the latest release from The Github Releases Page

Let’s assume you extracted the zip file into a folder called ‘web’ in your home directory. So now you have /home/YOU/web/rompr, or on macOS /Users/YOU/web/rompr - where ‘YOU’ is your login username. You could put it anywhere but your home directory is easiest. I’m going to assume the Linux format in all the following instructions, so those on macOS remember to adjust the path as apprpriate.

If you’re not sure what your full path to your home directory is, do

cd ~

and that will come back with something like this


So in this case, ‘YOU’ in the path above is ‘bob’, and RompЯ is installed at /home/bob/web/rompr

Set directory permissions

We need to create directories to store data in.

cd /home/YOU/web/rompr
mkdir prefs
mkdir albumart

And then we need to give the web server permission to write to them. There are a whole load of ways you can do this but this is easiest and always works

chmod ugo+rw albumart
chmod ugo+rw prefs

Next, You Need A Web Server

This is where you have another choice to make. There are a lot of web servers out there and configuring them is never a simple task. What I’ve tried to do here is to create a few guides to how to get it working with two of the most popular ones (Apache and nginx). Which one you choose will depend on you. I like nginx, it works well on smaller system like Raspberry Pi. But you may already be running Apache on your system if you have some other web service already installed, like MythWeb for example.

RompЯ With Nginx on Linux

RompЯ With Apache on Linux

RompЯ With Nginx on macOS

RompЯ With Apache on macOS

RompЯ On Windows

RompЯ On Android

There is also the option to install everything you need using Docker:

Docker Container

The default installation uses an SQLite database, which is fine for nearly everybody. If you’d like to use a MySQL database instead there is A Guide