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RompЯ is a music player with the emphasis on discovery - discovering more about the music you know, and discovering new music you don’t know yet. RompЯ is an interface that runs in a web browser on any device and controls a music player which can be on any other device. I recommend using Mopidy as the music player. When used with Mopidy and a Spotify Premium subscription RompЯ is a powerful Spotify client with many music discovery features.


  • Collectioniser sorts your music by artist and album
  • Directory browser
  • Search
  • Tagging and Rating of tracks
  • Soundcloud, Youtube, Youtube Music, etc support (with Mopidy),
  • Add tracks from online servives to the collection on the fly
  • Web Radio support, automatic online search for radio tracks you like
  • Podcast search and subscribe
  • Alarm Clock
  • Sleep Timer
  • Album Cover Art
  • Last.FM Scrobbling
  • Automatic on-the-fly playlist generation based on tags, ratings, popularity, your listening habits, etc
  • Get biographies of artists from various sources
  • Album and artist suggestions based on your listening habits
  • UI themes

The old project homepage is at SourceForge. The old discussion forum is still there and you may find answers to some questions is you have them.

How to install RompЯ

Please see the links to the right of this text for installation instructions.

RompЯ on a desktop browser

RompЯ on a phone browser

What people are saying about RompЯ

  • “Best interface to mpd / mopidy ever. A real must!”
  • “Best browser based frontend to mpd I’ve ever seen!! Thank you!”
  • “Rompr is a wonderful web based interface client to mpd.”
  • “Great Project! I use it everyday already. I hope for VK-support soon. Thanks!”
  • “I tired now a fiew clients to control my mopidy server running on Raspberry. rompr is far the best one, easy to install, very fast, good design and useful features.”
  • “This application is amazing and easy to setup. I love it.”
  • “Wow! Great stuff! I was searching for something like that for months!”